New U-Boot Snapshot

Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at
Sun Jan 13 19:14:59 CET 2008

Mickey, this is good news.
But is there a change list so that we can decide if we should think  
about installing it?

Best regards,

BTW: I have managed to compile mkfs.jffs2 as a Universal Binary  
running on MacOS X. But not yet tested if the built file system  
output can be flashed.

Am 13.01.2008 um 18:33 schrieb Michael 'Mickey' Lauer:

> Salut,
> Recent bugfixes by the OpenMoko system level team encouraged me to
> build and upload a new U-Boot snapshot for the Neo1973 GTA01bv4.
> If you have a debug board, feel free to update to this U-Boot. You are
> not required to update a kernel or a rootfs.
> Get it at 
> boot-gta01bv4-1.3.1+git0ec595243dc99edcd248bbcfbfd5a1dc860bde89 
> +svn3817-r1.bin

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