New U-Boot Snapshot

Michael 'Mickey' Lauer mickey at
Sun Jan 13 23:56:06 CET 2008

Christoph Schweers wrote:
>> Guys, if anyone upgrades pls post back your impressions so those with  
>> limited debug board access could upgrade without fear that this u-boot  
>> has some errors and bricks your Neo! Thx!

> I've flashed the new U-Boot a few minutes ago and now it works like
> a charme for me. One minor flaw of the new bootloader that I've
> noticed - the boot up picture looks a little bit 'distorted' (GTA01Bv4)

Yes, that's expected. Due to the gfx endianess change, the bootsplash
needs to be regenerated and reflashed. Additionally, the flash loading
command in the environment needs to be updated since the flash image
now takes more space. The U-Boot mailing list should contain all the



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