Any OS X developers out there working with OpenMoko?

Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at
Sat Jan 26 11:09:32 CET 2008

There were much more encouraging responses like yours so far than I  
had expected!
Thank you very much.

What I read from the responses:
* there are more amongst us waiting for the GTA02 than GTA01 owners  
and developers

* the main things we want to have
- seamless communication (USB, Bluetooth, WLAN)
- no need to run Linux in a VM in parallel (for developers this might  
be ok)
- syncing address book should work

Did I miss anything?

-- hns

BTW: QuantumSTEP for the Neo is making fast progress. Make sure to  
visit us at FOSDEM 2008 at the GNUstep booth to see it in operation.

Am 25.01.2008 um 15:13 schrieb Stroller:

> On 25 Jan 2008, at 07:53, Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller wrote:
>> I recently looked into the change history of the dedicated MacOS X  
>> page in the wiki and I have got the impression that I am the only  
>> one still doing something and improving the interworking between  
>> the Mac and OpenMoko:
>> ...
>> Is my impression wrong or have you all already bought an iPodTouch  
>> or iPhone and waits for the SDK?
>> Please raise your hands...
> Do keep up the good work.
> I can't say that I'll be developing for OpenMoko, but you have one  
> tester for sure here, when GTA02 arrives. I use OS X on my desktop  
> & laptop, and am hoping that syncronisation of contacts & diary  
> events will work with my new phone. I had a Windows Mobile phone  
> last and a Sony-Ericsson P990i now - experience (or lack thereof!!)  
> with syncing these to a Mac have made me hope that open source can  
> fulfil my needs better.
> Stroller.

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