Missing choice of keyboards in latest build

Peter Rasmussen plr at udgaard.com
Sun Jan 27 20:44:37 CET 2008

I down- and uploaded the latest build to my Neo:


And found that the keyboard layout has changed from a QWERTY keyboard to 
a mobile keypad style keyboard.

A bad choice if you ask me!

One of the reasons I still love my Motorola A780 from 2004 is because of 
its keyboard setup! There are other things I hate, but this one is very 

Actually, I found that the UI in 2007.1 was good, partly because of the 
keyboard choices, and that it was much more mobile-device-related than 
the present 2007.2, which is actually not very good.

When the only choice is provided to make it a regular mobile-phone style 
keyboard, and still without international characters, I can't help think 
if OpenMoko is actually trying to make a smart-phone or just emulate a 
dumb mobile with an expensive touch screen?

Let's get to choose between an international QWERTY keyboard, a 
mode-keyboard like in 2007.1, and then of course the newly invented 

I understand that there is a desire to be able to use the Neo just with 
the fingers, and not be required to use a stylus, but if that was _the_ 
requirement I could just get myself a Nokia N95 and be done with it.

If the present status is just a stage in development, please let me know 
of where I can read Release Notes and/or a road map, so it doesn't look 
so much like an ad-hoc development process as it does now!


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