Wanted: beta testers for QuantumSTEP on the Neo GTA01

Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at computer.org
Tue Jan 29 16:01:09 CET 2008

Hi all,
we are now looking for beta (well, more alpha) testers for the new  
Cocoa/GNUstep/X11 based GUI stack and SDK for the Neo.


a) own a GTA01b4 (we need to install a special kernel version)
b) have a Mac with at least MacOS X 10.4
c) have experience in Xcode, Interface Builder and Cocoa
d) are interested in trying this alternate system (meaning alternate  
to OpenMoko, Qtopia, Android, iPhone SDK) and giving feedback.

Our aim:

The software is not yet ready for real beta testing, since many  
mostly implemented features are not yet working (e.g. nil phone  
functionality) or still have (very) rough edges. It is more about the  
general concept and we are interested in your experiences, comments,  
hints and directions for further improvements.

What is working:

* launching of applications (you can write or port your own code  
using Xcode and Interface Builder!)
* Bluetooth scanning
* some demo apps (Polygons, Sudoku, ...)
* Stop Watch
* RPN Calulator (like an HP15C)
* Chess (only the GUI - the interface to the GNUchess engine is missing)
* Morse decoder (by tapping on the screen...)
* Color and Font manager panels
* some more...

Next Steps:

So, please send me a mail if you are interested and I will send you  
instructions where to download and how to install.

Getting an impression:


You are also invited to subscribe to the public announcements and  
discussion mailing lists:

Thank you very much,
Nikolaus Schaller

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