Wanted: beta testers for QuantumSTEP on the Neo GTA01

Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at computer.org
Wed Jan 30 13:27:58 CET 2008

Am 30.01.2008 um 12:33 schrieb Thomas Gstädtner:
> Maybe you should have mentioned, that your project and the SDK is  
> not OpenSource and not available in source.

Yes and no - there is no black&white answer.

The total QuantumSTEP system is not 100% open source but approx. 80%.  
These 80% are the core parts (libraries, frameworks) to develop your  
own applications. This part is called mySTEP and is derived from  
GNUstep which is all licensed by FSF using the LGPL. This is the SDK.  
So the SDK *is* completely open source.

Please look here for the open source of the SDK:


If you are missing some sources, please let me know.

Finally, you are free to replace our own non-open parts  
(applications) to get a 100% functional system.

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