Daily Snapshot Reviews

Kevin Dean kevin at foreverdean.info
Wed Jan 30 23:11:16 CET 2008

On Jan 30, 2008 5:03 PM, Peter Rasmussen <plr at udgaard.com> wrote:
> Yes, getting it structured like this is a great idea!
> I have myself attempted to try out as many images as possible, and I'd
> like to participate.
> Do you expect to communicate about it on this list or some other way?

I plan to put the review up on the Wiki in the same manner I've
already done. Snapshot_review/yyy-mm-dd

I plan to summarize the reviews in my blog and post to the mailing
list a similar review as well as a link to the Wiki'd review so that
people on device-owners can visit.

I also made the Snapshot_review page pretty "bare" so that anybody can
click "Edit" and then paste it into their own "series" if someone
wanted to (for instance) review ScaredyCat images in the same manner.

> I'd prefer to have an 'owner' of the Wiki pages and let that person do
> the editing, in order to not have too much confusion. That could then be
> you Kevin.

I'd happily do so but at the same time my interests are different than
other people's (I really couldn't care less about GPS, for instance)
so I need some prodding in the direction of what you all would like to
see tested as well. This means I'm also going to be in need of input
and it certainly will be added in there.

> It could be different owners for different images if it becomes too much
> for one, and then if someone else later discovers something that wasn't
> mentioned, the assigned owner can edit it in.
> I have sometimes added bugzilla reports when I found that it was
> relevant for that, and a field on these Wiki pages telling what bugzilla
> reports have been added starting for that particular image, might also
> be a good idea.

I posted that review today after using it for a day, so I was
partially rushed and didn't really get to reporting those. That said,
I plan to do a LOT of reporting on Bugzilla as well as tossing out
ideas here if they're more wishlist than bugs.

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