u-boot console

clare u5618 at perth.dialix.com.au
Fri May 2 15:45:15 CEST 2008

Hi Hermann,
Did you flash a suitable kernel with the rootfs?

About u-boot and whether NAND erase is needed. I have never done that,
because it was old information when I started. I have u-boot files with 
the numbers 1.2.0 and r0 and r1 and r1 is dated August 20 of 2007.
The one I am using now is a special from ScaredyCat for doing dual
boots i.e. can also boot from an SD card. It is numbered
1.2.0-moko9-r13_0_2632_0 and dated Aug 12 2007 it has Set console to USB, 
Set Console to serial, Power off, Boot from SD, Factory reset.

In the wiki/Booting_from_SD there are instructions for adding items to 
the menu, which were supplied in case Booting from SD was not there.
Therefore I suppose that a newer u-boot might be what you need.
(A link to the one I am using is on that page. I use it because the newer 
ones I have tried will not boot my SD card.)

In trying some of this just now using cu -l ttyACM0 for example, I find 
that I cant do very much because although it tells me that In; Out: and 
Err: are usbtty, it dies before I have time to do more than one quick 
command. Can anyone tell me what else I need to do to talk to u-boot for a 
longer time?

clare (always hoping to learn something)

On Fri, 2 May 2008, Hermann Lacheiner wrote:

> Hi clare,
> On Fri, May 2, 2008 at 11:23 AM, clare <u5618 at perth.dialix.com.au> wrote:
>>  This sounds as though it does actually boot.
>>  In order to do flashing can you get a boot menu using just the phone?
>>  Hold the aux button down and while it is down press the power button
>>  until you sense a very small click, it should then respond by
>>  bringing  upwards a screen which says at the top
> Yes, actually the devices is booting.
>>  u-boot and some version information
>>  Boot
> Mine shows:
> "U-Boot 1.2.0-moko9_r8"
> "Boot"
> "Factory Reset"
>>  Given that you can flash with dfu-util, I will tell you more if you get to
>> that point because I have to leave now and go home. If you dont get there I
>> cant help anyway.
> Flashing with dfu-util does work too, I flashed the recent recommended
> image. My neo booted from the new image, but it got stuck while
> configuring some packages. So I think, I have to erase the nand
> completely before flashing.
> hermann

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