SD card has lost its partition table

clare u5618 at
Wed May 7 16:44:47 CEST 2008

Hi Allen,
My device is GTA01, the "original card" is the 512M card that came with 
it. THe other card is a MicroSD (not SDHC) of 2G size.
I had a Celtune Monster image on the "other card" and that is the one that 
got zeroed.

I had been using the original card back at the end of last year and it had 
on it a rootfs.tar.gz from that time. I put it back in and am using it 
now, but have put on it a later filesystem. Again a Monster but I have 
not added the wikipedia, there is not much space which is why I got the 
bigger one.

But since I wrote that Joachim Steiger said:
"but afaik thats a upstream bug in the linux kernel."
means it hits everybody doing suspend/resume with rootfs on sdcards with
linux atm.

So I will repartition the card and avoid suspend/resume


On Tue, 6 May 2008, Allen Lin wrote:

> Hi Clare,
> I am Allen from Openmoko Testing Team. Could you describe more specific like 
> what device you are using? GTA01? GTA02? What image inside? What do you mean 
> original SD card? That means you have another one to boot? Thanks!
> allen
> clare wrote:
>> Hi Cel,
>> Just repeating the story as it happened: I was using 080422 monster booted 
>> from the SD card, with a Nokia battery in the train reading html files with 
>> "links". On approaching end of journey, I went to the little section power 
>> management (?) and selected "dim then lock." I had previously set gsm and 
>> bluetooth to off. Well I probably left it a bit too long, as it was dead 
>> when I came back to it. So took out the battery and charged that up. But 
>> subsequently it won't boot from SD card, just circles round and round. 
>> saying each time as far as I can tell
>> Bad MBR sector signature 0.0000
>> Bad partition,
>> bad magic number
>> cfdisk says it has 2G of free space.
>> I ran dd on it and there seems to be quite a lot of data on it otherwise.
>> I put in the original SD card and was immediately able to boot from that,
>> as it had a filesystem I think one of yours dated Nov 30, which does phone 
>> calls very well.
>> It worries me though that the DIM then LOCK should have had such a dramatic 
>> effect. What else might have caused loss of partition table?
>> thanks
>> clare

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