Constanst load of 1.0

Peter Trapp openmoko at
Thu May 8 23:39:53 CEST 2008

Von: "Hermann Lacheiner" <hermann.lacheiner at>
> my neo1973 has the problem, that when suspended overnight, the next
> day the battery is completely discharged. I am using the snapshot from
> 2008-04-21.
> I stopped the gsm daemon and the pulseaudio daemon for testing
> purposes, but load is constantly greater 1.0. However top says, that
> the cpu is 97% idle.

Do you mean the values in uptime are greater 1.0? 

> Does anyone know the cause for this issue or can give me hints, where
> to look into detail.

I'm not sure if it can really help but I would give `vmstat (-n) 1` for a couple of seconds a try.

Maybe also the /proc/stat file can help? `cat /proc/stat && sleep 1 && cat /proc/stat`. 
The line "cpu0" shows were the jiffies (time) are spent (e.g. user system nice idle ...)  (you can also grep "cpu0" to reduce the output).
See also `man proc` (search for "stat") for help...
(note: there is also a stat file for each process (/proc/<pid>/stat))

Sorry I'm actually not on a linux box.


for Windows problems reboot
for Linux problems be root

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