u-boot-openmoko 1.3.3 (unofficial package) - testers wanted

Mike Montour mail at mmontour.net
Tue May 20 07:09:01 CEST 2008

The upstream u-boot maintainers released 1.3.3 today, and I have built 
an *unofficial* u-boot-openmoko package based on this tag + the current 
Openmoko SVN tree and a few extra patches.

If any GTA01Bv4 owners are interested in testing it, it is at:


and the "u-boot-openmoko_mm.tar.gz" file in the same directory contains 
the bitbake recipe and patches that I built it from. It includes a patch 
to enable booting from an SD card.

I have tested this image on my Neo and it looks OK, but I can't 
guarantee that it will not brick your device. I recommend trying it only 
if you have access to a debug board, at least until a few other people 
can confirm that it works.

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