yesterday's qtopia rootfs

Mike Montour mail at
Fri May 23 05:31:18 CEST 2008

Kevin Dean wrote:
> Using one of mmontour's builds for the GTA01 yesterday I managed to
> get as far as the boot screen before getting all kinds of "SPANK SPANK
> SPANK! Naughty Programmer, now go fix your code!" errors.

That image just barely fits into the NAND partition, and when the system 
comes up it sees the disk as 100% full. This means that Dropbear is 
unable to generate the ssh host keys, and probably causes other 
failures. However, I still got "SPANK SPANK SPANK" errors after deleting 
some cruft to free up a couple of MB.

I've got another one building right now, which will hopefully be a bit 
smaller. Another alternative would be to transfer the image onto the SD 
card, but that's not convenient for me because I keep my main 
development system on the SD and use the NAND as scratch space for 
testing images.

 > It appears that it builds for many people now and then, but it's not
 > nearly consistant.

I've never yet had it build entirely on its own. At a minimum, 
packagekit and openmoko-appmanager2 need to be told to expect libopkg 
0.1.4 rather than 0.1.3 (in and packagekit also needed a 
"--disable-docbook-docs" in its EXTRA_OECONF. Note - this is with 
"autorev" and the "" branch.

The biggest pain I've had is with packages versioned like 
"embryo-" when the build crosses midnight UTC. It 
runs some of the steps like do_fetch and do_compile on the 22nd, but the 
date has advanced by the time it tries to do do_install and it looks for 
a non-existent "...cvs20080523" directory. Deleting all of the 
tmp/stamps/... files for the affected package and then rebuilding works 
around this, but it would be nice to have a proper fix.

p.s. While typing the above message my build has made its way to the 
following failure, which does not go away with a rebuild:

NOTE: package e-wm-0.16.999.042+cvs20080523-r7: task do_configure: started
ERROR: function do_configure failed
ERROR: log data follows 
| autopoint: File mkinstalldirs has been locally modified.
| autopoint: *** Some files have been locally modified. Not overwriting 
them because --force has not been specified. For your convenience, you 
find the local modifications in the file '/tmp/autopoint6273.diff'.
| autopoint: *** Stop.
NOTE: Task failed: 

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