yesterday's qtopia rootfs

Marc Bantle openmoko at
Fri May 23 12:09:46 CEST 2008

Mike Montour schrieb:
> Kevin Dean wrote:
>> Using one of mmontour's builds for the GTA01 yesterday I managed to
>> get as far as the boot screen before getting all kinds of "SPANK SPANK
>> SPANK! Naughty Programmer, now go fix your code!" errors.
> That image just barely fits into the NAND partition, and when the 
> system comes up it sees the disk as 100% full. This means that 
> Dropbear is unable to generate the ssh host keys, and probably causes 
> other failures. However, I still got "SPANK SPANK SPANK" errors after 
> deleting some cruft to free up a couple of MB.
Same thing here. I used the 'official buildhost' tar.gz on a separate 
partition with an extra 17MB of free space. So it's not disk space :-)

Cheers, Marc

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