Battery drain problem again

Tilman Baumann tilman at
Mon May 26 10:40:20 CEST 2008

Bobby Martin wrote:
>     It looks like it is a problem with the GSM modem that causes the
>     battery drain when you shut down the NEO 1973. I shut mine down and
>     when it was off I left it near a cheap set of PC speakers. After
>     about a couple of minutes, I started to hear intermittent buzzing
>     sounds coming from the speakers and there were also a couple of high
>     pitched clicks. I then removed the battery from the NEO and put it back
>     in and the noises stopped.
>     I am running the latest scaredycat rootfs and kernel, so it looks like
>     this might be problem that is hard to fix.
>     Michael.
> Michael,
> I think you're just seeing the known issue that the GSM modem
> doesn't power off when you shut the Neo down.  I created a wiki
> page for this since there didn't seem to already be one:

Interestig. Why isn't something like in the distro if it is a known problem?

My battery also drains empty in 'Off' state.


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