Help, please! GTA01BV4 died!

Marc Bantle openmoko at
Wed May 28 12:11:21 CEST 2008

Panta schrieb:
> Alle martedì 27 maggio 2008, hai scritto:
>> Hi Panta,
>> Panta schrieb:
>>> Ciao,
>>> My Neo1973 wan't start anymore.
>>> Sometimes it happened (I think to all of us! ;) ) that NEO1973's battery
>>> goes fully discharged, and for this I follow the instruction on the wiki
>>> pages (detach battery 20 seconds, attach to USB, wait 1 hour, start the
>>> Phone).
>>> It does function allways till this time.
>>> I've waited 40 hours and now the battery gives 3.72 Volts, but the Phone
>>> doesn't start the same
>> I know the problem well. It sometimes can occure,
>> while neo is connected to usb-host, and somehow is not
>> recognized by the usb-host. This happened to me on
>> after a reboot of neo while connected a couple of times.
>> I made myself a little "emergency" charger made of an
>> old mobile-or-something power adapter (6V, 150mA) and a
>> resitor (10 Ohms) between battery and poweradapter, which
>> did result in a charging currency of around 150mA (picture
>> attached).
>> See the symbols on the battery for polarity. TM stands
>> for temperature monitor.
>> After a couple of hours the battery will have enough charge
>> to be further charged in the neo on usb-port.
>> Marc
> Thank you for your suggestion, Marc, and also for the photo (why don't you put 
> it with a brief description on the battery page of wiki?).
I may do that sometime  :-)
> My problem seems to be quite different.
> Now my battery is full-charged (3.90 volts on my digital multimeter) but the 
> phone won't start the same!
I agree, from my experience 3.90 Volts should be enough to boot.
Even 3.7 Volts should do.

A fully charged battery will have around 4.20 Volts though. I've only
reached this while charging in the neo though.

Sorry for not being able to help :-(


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