Help, please! GTA01BV4 died!

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Fri May 30 00:05:32 CEST 2008

Alle mercoledì 28 maggio 2008, Marc Bantle ha scritto:

> > Thank you for your suggestion, Marc, and also for the photo (why don't
> > you put it with a brief description on the battery page of wiki?).
> I may do that sometime  :-)

I really think it can be very useful. Actually seems like is not possible to 
charge the Neo1973 without connecting it to a PC...

> > My problem seems to be quite different.
> >
> > Now my battery is full-charged (3.90 volts on my digital multimeter) but
> > the phone won't start the same!
> I agree, from my experience 3.90 Volts should be enough to boot.
> Even 3.7 Volts should do.
> A fully charged battery will have around 4.20 Volts though. I've only
> reached this while charging in the neo though.

I've detached it from the charger at 3.90 Volts. If you can assure is not a 
problem and that I can reach 4.20 Volts, I can reconnect it and wait... 

> Sorry for not being able to help :-(
> Marc

To be kind with new people on the list is the best way to help someone. I 
thank you for this! No matter the rest

Ciao and Grazie


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