OpenMoko OE repository not quite ready for MokoMakefile production usage

Rod Whitby rod at
Thu Nov 29 11:44:15 CET 2007

John Lee wrote:
> The official OpenEmbedded repository to build the OpenMoko
> distribution can be found at  If you're using
> MokoMakefile, please refer to
> for instructions about how to switch.

There is one issue which means that MokoMakefile cannot change over to
using the new area yet.  I have discussed this with John, but am
reporting here so people don't continually ask me why MokoMakefile
hasn't changed yet.

The issue is that new OpenMoko mtn database snapshot area at
only contains a single unversioned mtn database.

MokoMakefile currently identifies the user's monotone version, and
downloads the correctly versioned mtn database from
(look there to see the naming convention and list of 6 different mtn
versions that are supported).  Only if it cannot match the exact version
does it fall-back to using the unversioned snapshot.

Unless OpenMoko is going to require a specific Linux distribution and
monotone version for building the OpenMoko distribution, I would prefer
to wait until OpenMoko replicates this facility for their developers
before I change the MokoMakefile, otherwise we will have *many* new
users having problems with monotone database migrations, and negating
the ease of setup that MokoMakefile currently provides.

I have given John details on how to do this - I'm sure Graeme or Mickey
can get the older mtn binaries from Koen to implement it.

I've asked John to let me know as soon as there are correctly labelled
versions in, and I will
immediately update MokoMakefile to use the new area when that happens.

-- Rod Whitby
-- MokoMakefile author

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