OpenMoko OE repository not quite ready for MokoMakefile production usage

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Fri Nov 30 02:36:34 CET 2007

Hi Rod,

    If your brain is troubled of finding ways to get OpenMoko build on
various different distributions, I hope that you do not have to don't
trouble it much more as I'd say that the way to build OpenMoko on any
host which can execute Linux-386 binaries is to use chroot into a
well-defined build environment.

The download size for it is around 100MB compressed, which is very
little compared to the amount of doenloads done during a full
OpenMoko build (about 1.2 GB).

I've had a spefic reason to do the chroot way, it's the problem of
fakeroot and bi-arch on Linux-x86_64, but it's useful also if you
have a normal Linux-i386 host which does not have everything to
build openmoko installed.

I've started on a script to create an openSUSE-based build environment,
and I have no idea if it can build a working OpenMoko image, but I got
it to build one, but I forgot to erase the nand partition before
flashing, so it didn't boot, maybe it would have, not sure.

Anyway, the basic idea can be done with any distribution, it does
not have to be rpm-based or even binary-package-based.

The host just needs to support chroot and a Linux-386 personality
to make everything in the chroot think it's running on a plain
Linux-i386 machine and it needs to support the system calls
which the build environment uses.

Linux-x86_64 does this fine and because the fakeroot which openembededd
uses does not work so good on a bi-arch platform like e.g. Gentoo-x86_64
or openSUSE-x86_64, chroot is the easyest way anyways.

What I have now uses the build.rpm for openSUSE-10.3 to setup a build
environment in chroot on an rpm-based distribution, I attached it, but
it's not polished yet, it's still raw, but might be useable for experts
which can read bash and spec file code already.


On Thu, 29 Nov 2007, Rod Whitby wrote:

> John Lee wrote:
>> The official OpenEmbedded repository to build the OpenMoko
>> distribution can be found at  If you're using
>> MokoMakefile, please refer to
>> for instructions about how to switch.
> There is one issue which means that MokoMakefile cannot change over to
> using the new area yet.  I have discussed this with John, but am
> reporting here so people don't continually ask me why MokoMakefile
> hasn't changed yet.
> The issue is that new OpenMoko mtn database snapshot area at
> only contains a single unversioned mtn database.
> MokoMakefile currently identifies the user's monotone version, and
> downloads the correctly versioned mtn database from
> (look there to see the naming convention and list of 6 different mtn
> versions that are supported).  Only if it cannot match the exact version
> does it fall-back to using the unversioned snapshot.
> Unless OpenMoko is going to require a specific Linux distribution and
> monotone version for building the OpenMoko distribution, I would prefer
> to wait until OpenMoko replicates this facility for their developers
> before I change the MokoMakefile, otherwise we will have *many* new
> users having problems with monotone database migrations, and negating
> the ease of setup that MokoMakefile currently provides.
> I have given John details on how to do this - I'm sure Graeme or Mickey
> can get the older mtn binaries from Koen to implement it.
> I've asked John to let me know as soon as there are correctly labelled
> versions in, and I will
> immediately update MokoMakefile to use the new area when that happens.
> -- Rod Whitby
> -- MokoMakefile author
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