OpenMoko OE repository not quite ready for MokoMakefile production usage

Rod Whitby rod at
Fri Nov 30 12:34:35 CET 2007

John Lee wrote:
> The oe snapshots site:
> The monotone repository:
> I have done various tests on them such as run different versions of
> monotone againest the database files, build from scratch with these
> settings, etc.  There might still be subtle problems in different
> usage scenarios, so please give feedback and I'll fix them asap.

I've now updated MokoMakefile to use these official OpenMoko sites.

Now all default MokoMakefile builds will be building the "known-good"
tested revision that the OpenMoko build manager releases each week.

Just use "make update" as usual to get the latest known-good version.

For those people who wish to continue using the "bleeding-edge" versions
from the OpenEmbedded monotone server directly, you can do:

 make update

to get the very latest changes contributed by the community which have
not been tested by OpenMoko yet.  You must do this every time you
update, or else it will automatically revert to the official server.

-- Rod

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