asking for project

Vittoria Cozza v.cozza at
Wed Sep 12 14:59:45 CEST 2007

here again group of computer science student from University of Bari-Itay.
still not clear for us what better to implement.
What about these ideas:

1)to offer sms  and/or phone call services not just by GSM network, but 
with WIFI,bluethoot, and so on, in transparent way from the end user 
point of view.
We mean: when a person want to make a call, our program should choose 
which is the faster and cheaper way to route the call (WIFI, gsm).
This idea is based on walkie talkie idea in wish list.

2)to implement a tool to support music wifi streaming/sharing (it 
reminds to P2P applications)
3)from wish list:
4) mobile MESH to create a decentralized network

Wait for your opinions and suggestions.

Vittoria Cozza
PHD student
Bari University- Italy

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