Qtopia Status before leaving

Holger Freyther zecke at openmoko.org
Wed Mar 12 22:15:47 CET 2008


I'm about to run to the airport here the last status meeting before I'm back 
in Europe:

OpenEmbedded and the Qtopia/X11:
	- We have illume, qtopia-phone-x11, openmoko-qtopia-phone-x11-image in 

	- Qtopia compiled from OE segfaults a lot, Qtopia compiled by hand using
	  the OE toolchain is not crashing but ASSERTING *ah* we hit that assert of 
	  battery code at runtime.
	- Fonts are broken, we use Xft so some sort of locale issue with X, no idea 
	   what to install...
	- Illume and sane config for enlightenment, How to have a default config 
	   without populating the /root
	- Some profiles.d scripts are missing to inject the Qtopia paths.. QPEDIR, 	
	- qpe hangs on start with trying to open a device in 
	   QSerialPort::waitForReady, one should use the version with timeout.

the round trip times with Qtopia are so bad that one is making nearly no 
progress while waiting for the compilation.

Next week:
	- Fixing bugs, better integration, finding out why fonts are wrong and apps 
	   are segfaulting.


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