Qtopia/X11 Weekly Status (4)

Holger Freyther zecke at openmoko.org
Thu Mar 20 00:06:15 CET 2008


I'm back in Berlin/Germany and I have mostly worked on the following items:

	- Get Qtopia built in OpenEmbedded and create non segfaulting apps
	- Fix font displaying (well, we compiled without fontconfig...)
	- Get Qtopia to talk with the Modem, on cold and warm start
	- Looked into the Alarm, atd, rtc, wakeup chain
	- Cleaning up the patches and sent them upstream (once more)

More details:

	bitbake openmoko-qtopia-x11-image should give you  an image with timezone 
	data, enlightenment, illume, atd and qpe. qpe should get started by default. 
	You will need to add the illume module yourself and do the reconfiguration. 
	You can launch Qtopia apps from illume.

	I  had to rewrite the configuration part of the recipe and it looks much 
	better now, the monolithic recipe is still...

Font Display:
	Yeah in modern age your XServer has no builtin fonts anymore and everyone is 
	using fontconfig, freetype, xft/or not to render the fonts. We can display 

Get Qtopia talk to the Modem:
	I updated the firmware to moko7. Fixed the path of Qtopia to power_on the 
	modem. Wrote a tool to forward the modem via tcp/ip, wrote another tool to 
	connect to the ip/port and provide a pts on the client (inspired by the short 
	chat with emdete at FOSDEM).
	The modem has a tendency to skip the first commands, so Qtopia should send 
	some AT to wake the modem up and makre sure it is communicative. This is
	working on warm start, I have a uncomitted change for warm start.

	The state is: Qtopia can talk with the modem, it asks me to enter a SIM PIN 	
	(don't ask how I actually enter it). It accepts it, registers with the 
	network, I can browse my SIM Contacts in the addressbook, play with the 
	phonesettings. I did sent a SMS and I have no idea if it arrived, I tried to 
	call something from my addressbook but didn't hear anything. I have no other 
	SIM so I couldn't try calling it, or sending a SMS to it. I will get anot

Alarm handling:
	Qtopia is using atd to schedule alarms and to make sure the RTC gets 
	programmed. So I installed atd, added it as RDEPENDS, and the result was:
	qpe hang in the open call of /var/spool/at/trigger. atd couldn't be launched 
	due an unimplemented ioctl of the RTC driver (I have sent a patch to 
	the kernel list). Once suspend/resume of Xglamo is working we can see if
	it worked.

Cleaning up patches:
	Currently I have between 72 and 74 commits. I have rebased them against
	a rsync version of Qtopia 4.3.1, grouped them and squashed them and we are
	now at roughly 40 patches. I will continue feeding them upstream but they do
	not have a sane process for that.

Pending Issues:
	- Illume configuration in OpenEmbedded. We should have the default theme
	  and profile by default.
	- Sound, Sound, Sound. I have no idea about these alsa state things and could
	  deserve a helping hand and some directions (I will try to claim more of
	  Graemes time). This includes phone handling, handset stuff but also alarm 
	- We need a E gadget to show the signal strength, network state, enter 
	  airplane mode (how to verify that RF is really off?). A DBus interface 
	  exists but it is not using mickeyl's interface.
	- We need a onscreen keyboard, I have to extract the Qtopia prediction as 
	- Modem and testing, test that it works. Try suspend/resume, try wakeup by 
	- Enable Allan to start testing.
	- Xglamo or E or whatever hang, misbehave. At some point I have three cursors
	  and can not move any of them. I would be happy to have one cursor and be
	  able to move it. But I'm not using Dodji's latest Xglamo, we might want to
	  update the 1.4.x version in OE or I should try the git one.....

(more on the QtopiaOnX11 wiki page)

Minimal Goal for next week:
	- Have a ugly or hopefully proper way to use the illume profile by default
	- Be able to make a voice call and receive it. Be able to actually hear and 
	  talk the other person (and not only because you are in the same room).
	- Provide the Qtopia prediction with a C interface.

comments, questions, feedback?


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