Qtopia/X11 Weekly Status (5)

Holger Freyther zecke at openmoko.org
Wed Mar 26 23:17:21 CET 2008


another round of updates. This week I have mostly digged into kernel and 
distribution stuff:

	- Make sure that the neo boots up and shows the PIN Dialog
	- Make sure that the neo is usable after resume
	- Looked into suspend/resume and modem handling
	- Fighting a recent OE bug making edje_cc go OOM
	- raster has worked on the virtual keyboard

Open issues/Todo:
	- Keyboard handling
	- Sleepy modem handling (after a while the modem sleeps and needs to be woken 
	- Closing Qtopia apps using the 'X' button..
	- Packaging of the illume theme...
	- Sound/Sound profiles
	- Find a edje_cc/evas/autotools fix that is working

In details:

neo bootup:
	We enable the modem before starting the qpe process in the 89qtopia Xsession 
script. This gives the modem enough time to wakeup/startup before we open the 
serial console. The timing should be fine. If you power on your neo it will 
boot, start qtopia, start e, will ask for your pin (if you have one), will 
register to the network...

neo usable after resume:
	With mass production in mind I had a look at suspend resume. After resume the 
jack irq started to trigger I began to investigate, played kernel janitor on 
the way and I'm going to look into some other issues as well. This was 
discussed on the kernel ml

looked into suspend/resume modem handling:
	Do not spam the modem on suspend, check if the modem is talking to us after a 
resume. This was mostly working besides the low level debugging messages sent 
to the modem. Started to see if the modem The modem is 'sleepy' but more on 
this later. Also tried to understand how the modem wakeup is supposed to work 
and what the Qtopia GSM stack needs to do to make it useful, e.g. disabling 
unsolocited messages for signal strength, network registration...

OE bug/edjce_cc OutOfMemory:
	OE managed to install the same module.so into every engine directpry which 
will trigger recursive loading... and we will go OOM. The change was reviewed 
by graeme and was disapproved afterwards due breaking the build. We need to 
find a proper solution for it, and I'm working on this.

	He has started on the virtual keyboard. So you can actually enter your SIM 
PIN without adding -ac to the X start up and launching matchbox-keyboard on 
your host.

packaging of illume:
	E does not support system profiles. So we will have to do something evil in 
regard to packaging until E gains support for system profiles.

sleepy modem:
	The modem is skipping the first AT command, or stops echoing after a while. I 
have created a test program and can start to play with parameters of the 
QAtChat to send a dummy command after a while, to send a dummy command when 
echoing stops. This needs to be done. If all these things work, and even over 
suspend/resume we can look into enabling the GSM muxer of Qtopia.

Sound/Sound profiles:
	Some how the git tree has a different alsa config, or drivers and the state 
files do not work with this kernel. I need to figure this out. Also working 
on the ALSA sound sceneraio API is on my todolist as the current approach in 
Qtopia and PhoneKit is error prone, racy, etc. and will stop working (the 
saving part) when we switch to a uid != 0.


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