Request to review and propagate two branches

Holger Freyther zecke at
Thu Mar 27 01:46:18 CET 2008


I'm in the process[1] of uploading two branches. Please test and propagate 

			- Check the invariant of oe_libinstall
			- Do not use oe_libinstall in autotools_stage_all
			- Unify the mangling

			- Update EFL to the 23 of March (22nd was broken)
			  and more recent 


mtn commands of interest:
	mtn --db foo.db au branches # to list the branches
	mtn --db diff h:org.openmoko.X.Z to see the difference

	(mtn au ancestry_difference does not take the selectors, so you have to find 
the revs/heads of the two branches yourself, to emulate git-rev-list)

[1] means my mtn sync is sitting there for hours to sync three commits... and 
it uploads ~25.000 revs because it attached branch certs... and is uploading 
everything again...

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