Qtopia/X11 Weekly Status (5)

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at openmoko.com
Thu Mar 27 04:37:57 CET 2008


> Open issues/Todo:
> 	- Closing Qtopia apps using the 'X' button..

How does Qtopia normally close apps? Last I heard was still that Will  
& Sean want to get rid of the 'X' button and have a more invisible way  
for the system to manage open applications, close them automatically  
after a long period of inactivity or when low on memory etc. Normally  
just leave them open. Something like that.

Will, please let Holger know what you want. Do you have a GTA01/Qtopia  
phone somewhere? How do they close apps?
Best Regards,

On Mar 27, 2008, at 6:17 AM, Holger Freyther wrote:

> Hey,
> another round of updates. This week I have mostly digged into kernel  
> and
> distribution stuff:
> 	- Make sure that the neo boots up and shows the PIN Dialog
> 	- Make sure that the neo is usable after resume
> 	- Looked into suspend/resume and modem handling
> 	- Fighting a recent OE bug making edje_cc go OOM
> 	- raster has worked on the virtual keyboard
> Open issues/Todo:
> 	- Keyboard handling
> 	- Sleepy modem handling (after a while the modem sleeps and needs  
> to be woken
> up)
> 	- Closing Qtopia apps using the 'X' button..
> 	- Packaging of the illume theme...
> 	- Sound/Sound profiles
> 	- Find a edje_cc/evas/autotools fix that is working
> In details:
> neo bootup:
> 	We enable the modem before starting the qpe process in the 89qtopia  
> Xsession
> script. This gives the modem enough time to wakeup/startup before we  
> open the
> serial console. The timing should be fine. If you power on your neo  
> it will
> boot, start qtopia, start e, will ask for your pin (if you have  
> one), will
> register to the network...
> neo usable after resume:
> 	With mass production in mind I had a look at suspend resume. After  
> resume the
> jack irq started to trigger I began to investigate, played kernel  
> janitor on
> the way and I'm going to look into some other issues as well. This was
> discussed on the kernel ml
> looked into suspend/resume modem handling:
> 	Do not spam the modem on suspend, check if the modem is talking to  
> us after a
> resume. This was mostly working besides the low level debugging  
> messages sent
> to the modem. Started to see if the modem The modem is 'sleepy' but  
> more on
> this later. Also tried to understand how the modem wakeup is  
> supposed to work
> and what the Qtopia GSM stack needs to do to make it useful, e.g.  
> disabling
> unsolocited messages for signal strength, network registration...
> OE bug/edjce_cc OutOfMemory:
> 	OE managed to install the same module.so into every engine  
> directpry which
> will trigger recursive loading... and we will go OOM. The change was  
> reviewed
> by graeme and was disapproved afterwards due breaking the build. We  
> need to
> find a proper solution for it, and I'm working on this.
> raster:
> 	He has started on the virtual keyboard. So you can actually enter  
> your SIM
> PIN without adding -ac to the X start up and launching matchbox- 
> keyboard on
> your host.
> packaging of illume:
> 	E does not support system profiles. So we will have to do something  
> evil in
> regard to packaging until E gains support for system profiles.
> sleepy modem:
> 	The modem is skipping the first AT command, or stops echoing after  
> a while. I
> have created a test program and can start to play with parameters of  
> the
> QAtChat to send a dummy command after a while, to send a dummy  
> command when
> echoing stops. This needs to be done. If all these things work, and  
> even over
> suspend/resume we can look into enabling the GSM muxer of Qtopia.
> Sound/Sound profiles:
> 	Some how the git tree has a different alsa config, or drivers and  
> the state
> files do not work with this kernel. I need to figure this out. Also  
> working
> on the ALSA sound sceneraio API is on my todolist as the current  
> approach in
> Qtopia and PhoneKit is error prone, racy, etc. and will stop working  
> (the
> saving part) when we switch to a uid != 0.
> z.

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