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Ferenc Veres lion at
Fri Aug 1 00:34:45 CEST 2008


Antonio Melillo írta, 2008-08-01 00:10 keltezéssel:
> Ferenc Veres schrieb:
>>> If you carefully add /de to only those links which are already
>>> translated, it soon becomes a nightmare of finding links which still
>>> point to the English version after having the /de version created.
>>> The subdomain solution would suffer the same problem!
> I'm sorry, but why would a subdomain suffer the same problem?

For example, you don't have a translation of "GTA02 Battery" article.
Then your "de" subdomain articles will keep on linking to the orignal
English Wiki regarding battery.

Then someone translates the battery, updates his own page's link to the
new German battery. Leaving all other already translated pages linking
to the English battery. There comes the nightmare, keeping track of
which pages need changes when a new page is translated.

Especially, because even if MediaWiki itself has a "Backlink" function
("Which pages link to this page?" dunno if it has one), you cannot use
that if your Wiki is separately installed on a subdomain and separate

Additionally, a spearate database/domain/etc would make the current
language link non-working for your language, because it works in the
same Wiki's content. Best you could achieve, is that "Deutsch" appears
as an external link, but no indication whether that page actually exists
or not.


ps: I don't know whether backlinks function is available. Hmm.. actually
if this feature is available, you could use that to update your pages
manually when a new page is translated. With the current method.

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