Main Page: Docs == Bugs

Brian C brianwc at OCF.Berkeley.EDU
Fri Aug 1 01:55:46 CEST 2008


In our main page rewrite, we should have someone change the navigation
button currently labeled "DOCS" to "BUGS" (or similar) because the WIKI is
the documentation and clicking on DOCS only takes you to the BUG reporting
database, so that is extremely confusing for a new user seeking

This should be changed right away, even before the rest of the main page
transformation gets sorted out.

Alternatively, the underlying link could be changed to:

but that auto-generated index is not the first thing I would want a new
user seeking documentation to look at either.  (And with this solution,
another easy way to get to the bug tracker would be necessary.)

Anyway, the current setup makes no sense and should be addressed.


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