Trademark policy page deleted, moved to privacy policy.

BrendaWang brenda_wang at
Fri Aug 1 10:52:31 CEST 2008

Hi, all ,
I am openmoko full time editor.
My account name is coolcat .
Trademark policy now is merge into this page (skin).
At the foot of main.
will show on every pages.


Stroller ??:
> Hi there,
> The "trademark policy" page has been deleted (2 days ago) and moved  
> to privacy policy.
> - Warning: You are recreating a page that was previously deleted.
> This change makes no sense to me, because the two subjects are quite  
> different.
> The trademark page used to be prominently linked to from the main  
> page. I suggested it be linked to less prominently (small print at  
> the foot), but think this deletion may be (ahem) ill-advised. I  
> discovered this action because a user was just asking about Trademark  
> usage on IRC, wanting to do a CC-licensed presentation (or something)  
> on Openmoko. The trademark page is, after all, (presumably) official  
> Openmoko policy and was (again presumably) put there by an Openmoko  
> employee.
> The user that has done this, Coolcat, is VERY active, so it may well  
> be worthwhile having him onboard with this list.
> I apologise for raising this matter if Coolcat is an Openmoko  
> employee and is trying to bring the wiki into line with Openmoko  
> plans / policy (but like I say, this change doesn't make any sense to  
> me).
> Unfortunately, for various reasons, I'm not going to be able to give  
> the wiki - and this list - the commitment I planned. Sorry about  
> that. So I won't be able to pursue this matter & it's just a "heads  
> up" to you guys.
> Additionally the last section of < 
> License> to the correct page wherever the trademark usage rules end  
> up. It says: "It is worthwhile to note that FIC ("FIRST INTERNATIONAL  
> COMPUTER, INC. CORPORATION") is currently the legal holder of the  
> Openmoko mark (USPTO #77013374 standard character mark)"...
> Stroller.
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