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William Lai will at
Fri Aug 1 14:37:44 CEST 2008

Minh Ha Duong wrote:
> Dear friends,
>   I just landed a big update to the main page ! 

This is sooo in the right direction ;)

> Hope you like it. Thanks to Ferenc, Bernt, Mercury, Montgoss and Stryderjzw 
> for helping. 

Thank you!!

> Please express yourself by improving it further as you see fit. 
> It definitely can use more polish:
> - The layout has been tested with Firefox and Konqueror only.

Safari looks good too.

> - Obviously feeding the news automatically from an RSS flow would be better, 
> as Aaron said. Pending that there will be a need to feed the newsbox 
> manually.


> - I support Brian's remark that "DOCS" should be "BUGS"

How about 'Trac'?  Thats what it is, and most sites that use trac link 
it that way.

Btw, Some people like single-worded sections like:


I personally do, but it's not a big issue.  What do you guys think?

> - I add that in the same linkbar, "HOME" and "WIKI" lead to the same page.
> In doubt, don't hesitate to use the "Discussion" tab of this page. I apologize 
> in advance for not following up very closely in the next weeks, but familly 
> vacations come first.

Safe trip!


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