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Paul Boddie paul at
Fri Aug 1 19:23:55 CEST 2008

Minh Ha Duong wrote:
>   I just landed a big update to the main page !

I think that it's a vast improvement, and you've done a great job in cutting 
through the accumulation of old content.

> Hope you like it. Thanks to Ferenc, Bernt, Mercury, Montgoss and Stryderjzw
> for helping. Please express yourself by improving it further as you see
> fit. It definitely can use more polish:
> - The layout has been tested with Firefox and Konqueror only.

It seems to look good in the versions of Firefox and Konqueror that I have 
access to.

> - Obviously feeding the news automatically from an RSS flow would be
> better, as Aaron said. Pending that there will be a need to feed the
> newsbox manually.

I guess that there's some RSS plug-in for MediaWiki. My experiences with 
similar issues in MoinMoin led me to write a feed reader for that Wiki, but 
sometimes the personal touch of adding news manually is almost as convenient, 
especially if the Wiki is the first place that people look.


Another subject which came up was the "Main Page" title and whether it can be 
suppressed. I'm no MediaWiki expert, but one approach might involve actually 
creating a page called "Welcome to Openmoko" and then making that the main 

It's something of a hack, but the visual effect may be good enough. Obviously, 
you would then drop the heading with that text from the page content. And you 
might want to have a redirect from Main_Page, too.

I hope this is useful advice!


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