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Ferenc Veres lion at
Fri Aug 1 21:07:29 CEST 2008


Brenda Wang írta, 2008-08-01 16:22 keltezéssel:
> I move the language template to the top.
> For those non-English native user , put it on the top will make them 
> easy to access their language.

Hehe, someone moved it to bottom again. I checked the main page many
times in the past few days, and this language bar moved up and down
several times. :-D

Thanks for publising the page Minh. Have a nice vacation!

Yes, I ageee, there are too many "HOME" links. The one saying "HOME"
could be removed. The logo is linking to HOME too, which is great, it
must. And there is a "Main page" link on the top of the side menu. Side
menu, Logo, and WIKI must be enough. ("HOME" could be removed.)

Oh, especially because "HOME" is not a home link on all others: Planet,
Projects, Docs. It's not linking to HOME of Planet for example, it is
linking to WIKI.

+1 for removing (now misleading) "HOME" from all sites.

Best regards,

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