official clarification: flashing from NAND/NOR uboot.

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Sat Aug 2 23:12:59 CEST 2008

Ferenc Veres escreveu:
> Hi,
> Can we have someone from OpenMoko confirm some of the facts we are
> documenting? Should we post those here with a special subject prefix? We
> may also need clarifying some information we find unsure. We cannot test
> all cases. Or should we post those on community? (I am not subscribed.)
> First one from me:
> Flashing Kernel and RootFs can be done in the NOR uboot mode, but not in
> the NAND uboot mode.
> Correct / Incorrect?

You can flash from NAND u-boot. The NOR u-boot is only for recovery 
(when you flashed over the NAND u-boot and it didn't work, or in case 
the NAND u-boot environment has incorrect settings).

The GTA01 didn't have the NOR; the mistakes which need the NOR u-boot on 
the FR required a debug board to be fixed in the GTA01 (or, if you still 
could boot, some heavy trickery).

(note: this isn't an official clarification, since I don't work for 

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