Proposal: Wiki Maintainer of the Month

BrendaWang brenda_wang at
Mon Aug 4 05:06:26 CEST 2008

Me, too.

Michael Shiloh ??:
> I fully support this and will provide the t-shirt.
> Brian C wrote:
>> Proposal:
>> The first week of each new month, those on the documentation list should
>> look back over the prior month and nominate a Wiki Maintainer of the
>> Month.  Then Brenda and Openmoko can pick one or we could have a vote
>> among the Maintainers team or whatever method people think best.  Maybe
>> Openmoko would provide some T-shirts or hats or something to the winner as
>> a small thank you for working on the wiki for free!
>> If people like the idea, then for last month I nominate Wiki User: Tingo
>> See:
>> and
>> While he doesn't have the most edits from last month, I don't think that
>> should be the only factor considered.  Instead, I think he deserves the
>> title because he proposed the idea of the Wiki Maintainers team and got it
>> accepted, and I believe that crucial first step will eventually lead to
>> improved documentation for Openmoko's products and the Openmoko community.
>>  We might not be here without him, so even if no one else likes this idea,
>> I applaud Tingo's effort.
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