[suggestion] about Software and Repositorities

simarillion simarillion at gmx.de
Mon Aug 4 13:55:23 CEST 2008

I know you're actually doing a great job in improving the wiki and I don't 
want the disturb your work. So if you already have better ideas feel free to 
ignore my suggestions. Because due to exams I cannot offer to do it myself.

There are two things I would suggest.

First of all I think the Page http://wiki.openmoko.org/wiki/Repositories is 
very important and because it cannot be found by the search it should be 
linked at a good place. Additionally I think that Page needs a rework:

1. It looks very ugly that some categories are in red.

2. I think right now there is a mix of real Repositorities and Image links 
which should be clearly seperated. I think the image links should not be on 
that page.

3. It should be easier to find out which image (ASU, FSO, ...) works with that 

4. I miss the ASU repositority

The second thing is, I think it would be great to have a Page 
called "additional software" (or similar) which should be linked at  the main 
Page Software Category. On that page should be:

1. Software Cathegories (Games, Multimedia, PIM, etc...)

2. In each Category there should only be links: For example in Multimedia   
  there should be a link to a page called Mediaplayer 

3. on that page Mediaplayer should be a howto install the mediaplayers on the 
different images ( and how to use that tool )

4. On the top of the pages should be mentioned which pages should have been  
read before this howto can be done. For example for tangogps you need 

Perhaps a template for software Pages would be great, perhaps like this. 


U could make that "additional software" page, link there the empty templates 
and anounce at the mailing list that the community should fill them.

All the best,
Michael Tansella

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