Distributions page update

Ferenc Veres lion at netngine.hu
Mon Aug 4 21:40:34 CEST 2008


Joachim Steiger írta, 2008-08-02 04:33 keltezéssel:
> hi, thanks for reworking and extending it.
> after explaining the same thing multiple times the last few days, i've
> added some more details and explanations where i saw fit.
> i am a very bad documentation-writer i fear, i can explain stuff, but i
> need the feedback of the confused face to know how much detail to add. ;)
> so feel free to refine and reword, and do not worry to ask if something
> needs more explaining.

Your updates are cool, thanks! Keep up, at least you know these. :-)

One note: you added the new term "release target" to all titles. I am
not sure it's good to confuse the users with three terms for basically
the same:

Software stack
Release target (this is a subset, I know)

You explained it in the intro, that they are based on the same source
code with "different makefiles", that could be enough. Any opinions?

Introducing the new term requires duplicate references too, like your
chagne in the title reflects:

"4 Features by distribution/release target"

(longer titles are harder to "scan for" too)

We could still call those as Distributions, and then just mention in
their own page (and in the intro text, as you did).

Newbies won't be looking for release targets to install on their phone.


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