how to find templates?

Cesar Eduardo Barros cesarb at
Tue Aug 5 01:53:27 CEST 2008

Justin Wong escreveu:
> Just struck me.  Knowing that we can go to [[Speical:Allpages]] to
> find all templates.  Perhaps we can remove the [[Category:Templates]]
> page?
> Are there any special uses for this page beyond just listing all the templates?

There's a very good use for it: listing all template categories. When 
the amount of templates starts getting too large (you can imagine how it 
is on the English Wikipedia!), you can categorize related templates on 
categories and then add these categories on [[Category:Templates]] (with 
as many indirection levels as needed). See the subcategories of for an example 
(note, however, that there even the ''categories'' themselves are 
categorized via a set of templates! There should be no need to go 
''that'' far on the Openmoko wiki...).

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