Killing Orange was Re: Main page change notification

William Lai will at
Tue Aug 5 07:48:13 CEST 2008

Just to be clear on the subject,
Openmoko will no longer use orange as an official color.
The reason being that we wanted to incorporate different colors with 
accordance to products in the future, without identifying any relation 
of color to our brand.  For example, currently .com is using only black, 
greys and white to create a neutral environment for the soon to be 
released Om 2008.8 Update, which uses black and green.

So please feel free to kill the orange.
Infact, we encourage it.



Brenda Wang wrote:
> Actually , our wiki server is in Germany.
> Only our IT guys can configure the setting.
> But I can make the request.
> For example , we upgrade openmoko wiki into mediawiki 1.12 two month ago.
> Take off other skin. Only keep one skin.
> I am trying to modify the main.css file now.
> I hope we can get rid of orange .
> But I am not sure , if I can make it.
> :-D
> Brenda
> Brian Wilson 提到:
>> Here is information from the mediawiki FAQ on how to remove "Main Page"
>> It will require a change to the CSS file so it has to be done by
>> someone with access to those files on the server..
>> Brenda?
>> (I checked the version, you are at 1.12 so this is the correct instruction)
>> --Brian
>> ---
>> Mediawiki version 1.9+, solution to hide the main page title
>> In 1.9 and above (or with the modified files above), you can use CSS
>> to hide the main page title.
>> Add the following to the MediaWiki:Monobook.css (if you're using
>> Monobook; otherwise add this to MediaWiki:Common.css to have it
>> applied to all skins) on your wiki:
>> h1.firstHeading { display:none; }
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