Language Bar Broken?

Cesar Eduardo Barros cesarb at
Tue Aug 5 13:51:54 CEST 2008

Ferenc Veres escreveu:
> Cesar Eduardo Barros wrote:
>> While it's possible to add links to the sidebar ([[MediaWiki:Sidebar]]), 
>> I do not think they can depend on the current page (i.e. on 
> Why? "I do not think" sounds like it could be possible, but you didn't 
> try yet. :-) So we still have some hope.

Yes, I didn't try. But based on what I know of how MediaWiki's caching 
works, I wouldn't expect it to work (it caches parts of the page 
independently; in particular, the part with the content is cached 
separately, which you can see clearly in the "Saved in parser cache with 
key ..." comment on every page).

> If that works, you can copy the whole
> to a new bulleted list in the sidebar. (Unfortunately it will push 
> Search way too down, we will need the wiki admin to add ANOTHER sidebar 
> instead extending the current one? Is there a way to add a second 
> sidebar, below Search and Toolbox?)

On 1.13 (OM uses 1.12 according to [[Special:Version]]) there is a way 
to set the placement of search and toolbox within the sidebar, but only 
on the standard sidebar coding (something seems to have been changed in 
the OM wiki to make it use the full wikitext coding, which probably 
disables that trick). See 
for how it's supposed to be done.

If the skin was hacked to make it use the wikitext coding, I'd expect it 
would be easy to alter the hack to also read from another system message 
for another part of the sidebar.

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