wiki reorg. Wiki pages that need updating. FIXME, TODO, Templates?

Ferenc Veres lion at
Wed Aug 6 00:43:57 CEST 2008


Stroller írta, 2008-07-23 04:03 keltezéssel:
>> There is also this page, which at the moment doesn't seem very  
>> helpful:
>> It should at least have timestamps for reporting / fixing issues.
> I think that a "citation needed", "fact check" or "fix me" template  
> would be ideal for this.

I've created the {{Citation needed}} template. (I used an intermediate
redirection article.) I added an example here:

For "Fact check" we could use the same. For fix me we can use the TODO

I've removed the above quoted page, it was a duplication of "Wiki
issues" and it had only 2 extra links above already registered issues.

Note, that I stared adding "votes" to Wiki Issues. Let's see if this
method works. Please vote, or vote for stopping voting. :-)

> For instance, the editor of the "Secure_Media" section of the  
> "Neo1973_Debug_Board" page [1] has a section in which he has said  
> "FIXME", clearly with the intent that its content should be updated  
> in the future. Yet there is no way to find that without using Google  

Hm, this is resolved with the {{todo|xx}} template, because that links
to the ToDo category.

> A similar search has just found me the {{todo|finish article}} tag,  
> used in page - admire  the  
> yellow box. This is clearly useful, enabling us to see all pages  
> using it: <>

I keep this quote for reminder to all readers. :-)

> I suggest another template which displays a superscript, like  
> Wikipedia's "citation needed". This should refer to only a single  
> sentence. I propose "FIXME" for this template.

We should not add a FIXME without the ability to add description. todo
provides that. (Even if it's a big ugly yellow box. That will encourage
people TO DO it. :-) )

> Perhaps we should add a "pages in need of completion" ("incomplete"?)  
> template and move many of those currently in TODO over to it. This  
> incomplete template should be a large banner, like the  
> "Unimplemented" template, seen at [2]; you simply add  
> "{{Unimplemented}}" to the page and it is collected at <http:// 

So many good templates. We really need to update the summary of them in
the Templates article.


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