Language Bar Broken?

BrendaWang brenda_wang at
Wed Aug 6 06:22:28 CEST 2008

I had been try to put language bar on side bar. But it will let menu bar 
become very long. You need to scroll down for a while to find the 
language link you want.
So I give up .
Then try to find out other way .

I think this extension is useful.

But , I must make sure it can be work perfectly on wiki first , then I 
will enable this function.


Joachim Steiger ??:
> Cesar Eduardo Barros wrote:
>> Ferenc Veres escreveu:
>>> Cesar Eduardo Barros wrote:
>>>> While it's possible to add links to the sidebar ([[MediaWiki:Sidebar]]), 
>>>> I do not think they can depend on the current page (i.e. on 
>>> Why? "I do not think" sounds like it could be possible, but you didn't 
>>> try yet. :-) So we still have some hope.
>> Yes, I didn't try. But based on what I know of how MediaWiki's caching 
>> works, I wouldn't expect it to work (it caches parts of the page 
>> independently; in particular, the part with the content is cached 
>> separately, which you can see clearly in the "Saved in parser cache with 
>> key ..." comment on every page).
>>> If that works, you can copy the whole
>>> to a new bulleted list in the sidebar. (Unfortunately it will push 
>>> Search way too down, we will need the wiki admin to add ANOTHER sidebar 
>>> instead extending the current one? Is there a way to add a second 
>>> sidebar, below Search and Toolbox?)
>> On 1.13 (OM uses 1.12 according to [[Special:Version]]) there is a way 
>> to set the placement of search and toolbox within the sidebar, but only 
>> on the standard sidebar coding (something seems to have been changed in 
>> the OM wiki to make it use the full wikitext coding, which probably 
>> disables that trick). See 
>> for how it's supposed to be done.
>> If the skin was hacked to make it use the wikitext coding, I'd expect it 
>> would be easy to alter the hack to also read from another system message 
>> for another part of the sidebar.
> just take a look:
> is the skin we use.
> was the change about
> the sidebar
> kind regards

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