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Ferenc Veres lion at
Wed Aug 6 21:01:39 CEST 2008


BrendaWang írta, 2008-08-06 06:31 keltezéssel:
> Feel free to let me know what kind of statistics number is more useful?

Many thanks, great! I think we could use:

Most read pages and number of their hits. (Top 200 or 100 would be cool.)

Top referrers.

Top search keywords.

Top start pages. (Incoming or how that is called in Google.)

Top leaving pages.

These for the past 3-4 or 5 months, separated by months so we can see
trends. (E.g. the top3 position of Neo1973 on is probably not from
this time. So a summary like that is not so useful.)

"Top clicked non-existing pages" would be cool. Can anybody find that
on: ? I don't mean
the "Wanted pages", because that counts links not clicks of the red
links. (Unfortunately this Wiki does not return 404 in HTTP header in
this case, so we cannot find this in the server logs either.)

Many thanks,

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