BrendaWang brenda_wang at
Thu Aug 7 11:55:40 CEST 2008

Our IT already add the Link Search extension to Wiki.
You can link here ,
Or find it on special page=>Search web links

Cesar Eduardo Barros ??:
> Ferenc Veres escreveu:
>>> We had a meeting in Taipei to try to cleanup the
>>> folder structure ahead of the Om 2008.8 release
>> It's hard to decide which links should be fixed and which pages should
>> be deleted instead. (I'll mail Kevin Dean regarding this.)
>> Of course normal "download" server links are also broken, we need to fix
>> them ASAP.
> It's a pity the OM wiki doesn't have [[Special:Linksearch]] 
> (, which would allow 
> one to easily find ''all'' links pointing to the download server in the 
> whole wiki.
> (This extension is used on Wikipedia, mostly to find spam links.)

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