Correct naming of 2008.8

William Lai will at
Thu Aug 7 21:34:54 CEST 2008

On Aug 7, 2008, at 10:02 PM, Marko Knöbl wrote:

> I have changed it to "Om 2008.8" at the Wiki Editing guidelines page  
> [1].
> I also added notes to "Om2007.2" and "Openmoko" that these names are
> not clear at the moment.

I understand there must be confusion.  SW releases have been named  
with 'Om' since the very first release.  We will continue in this path  
in the future.

> Can you tell me what the correct name for the 2007.2 software is?
> Is "Om" the only correct name for the software?


> This would mean that
> many pages are incorrect at the moment as they use "Openmoko" as a
> name for the software. For example "Openmoko under QEMU", "Why
> Openmoko", or "Openmoko". Do we have to change them?

We are an open-source company.   These names have been defined by  
different, paid employees from all over the world at different times.   
I understand it may be confusing, but I would not change these now,  
unless they are specifically aimed at a sw release.  these names have  
been established and there is little value in changing them, just like  
we do not want to change from 'Om' to something else.



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