Correct naming of 2008.8

Ferenc Veres lion at
Fri Aug 8 13:54:00 CEST 2008

> we do not want to change from 'Om' to something else.
> Will


The only disadvantage I see in this short product name is the "search". 
If you try "om gps" you get nothing useful, if you do "openmoko gps" you 
end up exactly at the right page. Of course doing "om 2008.8 gps" helps 
a lot (and that's what I usually do with "mandriva" i.e. "mandrvia 
2008.1 does not boot after upgrade" and such searches). :-)

Anyway, "Om" means "Openmoko" so this is still strange. As you explain 
it, that assuesm Om does NOT mean Openmoko.


ps: I think Mandriva is also a product and a company name. However they 
extend the name with other details for individual products, e.g. 
"Mandiva Powerpack", "Mandriva One" and then version also included, 
"Mandriva Powerpack 2008.1".

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