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On Fri, Aug 8, 2008 at 2:42 PM, Ferenc Veres <lion at> wrote:
> Hi,
> swap38 írta, 2008-08-08 16:54 keltezéssel:
>> ----- "BrendaWang" <brenda_wang at> a écrit :
>>> You can refer to this link. Start a the Top ten
>> Thanks for this link. But this don't tells me if a page is ready for
>> translation.
> That page tells you what people actually read. I think it's more
> important to translate pages what people actually read, than stable, but
> not interesting pages.
>> For instance : I can start to translate the Main_Page (top 1) but I
>> don't know if a reorganisation is in process. Maybe the english
>> Main_Page will be moved / replaced / deleted (or all the content will
>> be changed) few hours later and I have to restart all the work again.
>>  (I know it's a wiki, I'm just talking about BIG changes in process)
> Unfortunately some unexpected changes are needed time to time. Updates
> according to status of the software and so on.

Yeah, and it's a wiki, so that means changes are going on constantly.
I think it'll be best to translate the pages that are read most often
and keep a watch on those pages. Once you have more help in your
language area, you can expand on monitoring more pages.

Perhaps we can set up a Translation team page on the wiki and people
can sign up and organize there. (Sorry if there already exist such as
page.  I didn't go look.)

> If you look at the "recent changes" (available in "Special pages" link
> on the left) you
> will see, that there are A LOT of changes every day.
> If you translate something, you will need to keep updating it. :-(
> (Anyway, I've seen a lot of translated and outdated pages!)
> This number of changes will also mean, that those "most important" pages
> are also frequently changing.
>> What translators need (not only me) is something that said : "Ok,
>> this page is quite stable. no reorganization is planned, you can
>> start to translate it". A simple list with a status "ready for
>> translation" will be great.
> To be honest, the current solution - having a small set of translations
> INSIDE a large English site - looks strange to me. If I wanted to
> translate to Hungarian, I could easily build a much smaller site with
> the most important information, and expand it on demand.
> If there is a small set of pages, it may not fit well in the same
> structure like all available articles require.

Ferenc: I agree that it seem strange to have the translations embedded
into the main English site. what do you suggest?  Perhaps at our size,
what we currently have is the only feasible solution.

> Regards,
> Ferenc
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