Correct naming of 2008.8

Ferenc Veres lion at
Sat Aug 9 23:24:27 CEST 2008


William Lai írta, 2008-08-07 21:51 keltezéssel:
> I totally agree.  Sticking with 'Openmoko the company' and 'Om the sw  
> stack' gives us a bit more freedom in terms of sw choice for future  

Is this 100% official? Will that make this article invalid:

(The title and the first sentence. (and the picture link) )

I still can't believe the software stacks have a two letter name. :-)
How will we tell that to users. :-/ They won't even notice the product
name in text. :-p Some working examples would be cool.

(I wonder if documentation team will ever be able to decide on these
deep-detailed articles, like that [[Openmoko]]. What's still valid,
what's outdated, what to keep, what to change. Currently I am focusing
on basic explainatory and practical articles' fixes.)


ps: I always link to versions to avoid misunderstandings if someone
edits the page meanwhile.

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