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   there are many ways to organize the world.

   I always saw the wiki as a substitute or extenstion of standard
engineering docs.

   And the difficulty I always had was finding what I needed.

   So.for example.  Who supplies the acceleromters for FreeRunner?

   Easy. Products--> FreeRunner--> Hardware Spec--> Accelermeters-->
Supplier---> part number--> 
   spec sheet--> application notes

   So, I own a Dodge 2003 Ram   I can walk into any spare store and pick up
the book.

   Look up dodge. Look up ram. Look up 2003. Look up brake lights. 

      1. Sylvania 7443 

   It aint rocket science.


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Hi Steve,

steve wrote:
> 1Products
> 2Developer resources
> 3Community
> 1Products
> 1.1 1973
> 1.2 Neo 1973
> 1.3 Freerunner
>  1.3 FreeRunner.
>    1.3.1 Distributions
>    1.3.2 Hardware specs
>    1.3.3.Know issues
>    1.3.4 cad files
>    1.3.5 Schematics.

Distributions are not specific to FR at the moment, so I think it's better
to have a "shared" Distributions section. (We have that, including intro to
them and comparison.)

Additionally, I don't think Neo 1973 needs a prominent position on the front
page. I don't know how many of that was sold, but it's not possible to buy
anymore, and most users of the Wiki will come for FR information. The ones
who are coming for Neo 1973 have been doing that for about a year so they
know where to look.

(Let me know if I am wrong, I am a newbie!)

We organized the mainpage into another 3 categoies. The current selection of
articles is far from perfect, but that's because we focused on using
existing articles:

1. Newcomers - Want to know what this is, what you offer, wanna get an FR.

2. Users - Looking for info what to do with their new phone.

3. Developers - Application, system, emulation.

The "News" box was later added to show activity.

It would be very good if someone from Openmoko could "spice up" the articles
in the first category. There should be some more text with "good spirit", to
catch visitors attention.

Both "Introduction" and "Why openmoko" are far from what they should be.

Well, "Getting Openmoko" also looks strange now, that we just learned,
Openmoko is the company, Om is the software and Neo xx is the hardware
(currently). Of course all is work in progress, please send more input if
you have ideas! (Or if you think our ideas are wrong.)

Many thanks,


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