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I think we have to reorder or rearrange the links that are positioned on
navigation bar. I will discuss the links one by one.

Hardware: I thought the main concern of Openmoko is to deliver a free and
open source phone and it's software? So if I'm on the wiki, I'm searching
for documentation about the phones or about the different software or about
how to develop for Openmoko. I'm not searching what hardware Openmoko once
has used in one of their phones. I may be curious in what hardware is used
in the Neo FreeRunner, but I would then go to the Neo FreeRunner and then
click on the hardware link (on the right).

Neo 1973 and Neo FreeRunner: I think we should replace these two with a link
to, because we can't keep on adding new
devices that Openmoko makes on the navigation bar. Though the Phones pages
has to be improved.

Software: I would link this to 'Distributions'. If you are searching for
software, you probably are searching for information about the different
software that can be flashed to your device. Though I would suggest to add
the link 'Developer guide' to

Technical: I don't understand why this link is in the navigation bar.
'Technical' has a very broaden definition and can be used in many places. I
don't know what I have to find there, except for 'difficult' things. And I
don't think anybody is searching for 'difficult' things.

Test cases: With this link Openmoko wants to stimulate users to do the test
cases. So the link isn't 'bad'. But if I press the link, I come on a page
with no information. I think a nice intro on the 'test cases' page would
suffice to make this link good enough for the navigation bar.

Download: Good link. Almost every website that handles software or hardware
has a link named 'Downloads'. So the users are already used to have this.
Removing this link would be bad. Though I would call it downloads instead of
download for obvious reasons. 

Wiki Index Page: A good summary of everything in Openmoko.

That's for the navigation bar.

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