Navigation bar on the left

BrendaWang brenda_wang at
Mon Aug 18 11:55:40 CEST 2008

Hi, all ,
I do some change of Navigation box.
1. I put the Distributions page on this box.
2. Change Help link to  Help:contents

About the phones link.  It is really good idea.
But it is too empty , so I have to thing about it

Alasal 提到:
> Yes I would also call it Distributions.
> So we all agree on the following Navigation box?
> * Main page
> * Phones
> * Distributions
> * Developer guide
> * Testing
> * Downloads
> * Wiki Index Page
> Marko Knöbl wrote:
>> I agree with all your suggestions. I just think that linking
>> "Software" to Distributions will be confusing. I think this link
>> should be called "Distributions".
>> I also think that the items in "community" and "interactive" at the
>> left need some changes. I think that it's generally a bad idea to link
>> to categories. They often contain so many articles that it's
>> impossible to find anything. I think that the links to
>> Category:Community and Category:Openmoko should be removed. And the
>> "Help" link should lead to "Help:Contents".

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