Translations and their categories

Ferenc Veres lion at
Tue Aug 19 23:44:09 CEST 2008


Marko Knöbl írta, 2008-08-19 18:00 keltezéssel:
>> It bothers me that translations of pages are inserted into the category
>> pages. It's to much repetition. Look at this
>> You find 6 links to
>> 'Neo1973: GTA01Bv4 versus GTA02 comparison', while the main page is moved to
>> 'Neo 1973 vs Neo FreeRunner'. So it gives also huge clutter. I think they
>> should use their own category name. So if the category is GTA02_Hardware and
>> you translate it into dutch (nl), you should replace the category to
>> GTA02_Hardware/nl. There you will find all the hardware pages, that are
>> already translated.
> I already proposed this in the discussion "Wiki categorization" but
> got no answers - see

Yes, in this case we could add the Languages template to the category 
pages to help navigation back to English, just to see what other 
articles are available. Like this one:

Note, that this will initially create a lot of extra categories with 
very few articles. I don't know how this whole idea would work, maybe we 
could give it a try. Just make sure the /xx categories are NOT added to 
English categories either (no articles, no categories of other language 
will be in the English ones). E.g. if you want "Audio/es" subcategory, 
then put it in "GTA02 Hardware/es"

This would make it easier to stay in "/es" content while navigating and 
ignore all English.

Brenda, what do you think? (You maintain some translations.)

Hm, I think Dolfje already started this change.

I think we wanted to make some category rearranging, so we will need to 
edit a lot more categories if we change them after THIS language change.


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